Alison (poetlaureate) wrote in god_is_love,

National Religion and Praying Daily

 I came across an news story and a Sentinel article today and, though they are not directly related, they seemed pertinent to post together as opposites in their own way.

Survey: U.S. religious landscape in flux 


Daily prayer and good health 

They seemed to together for me, as I read the news article about people leaving organized religion first thing this morning as I sat down at my deks for work.  The 2nd article I read later on as a break from some monotonous editing.  While the first article was fairly forboding in its sense of religion, the second was uplifting.  Now, granted, the first article does not necessarily mean that people have less faith or are not spiritual but that they are leaving mainstream Christian churches and branches in favor of "non-denominational" and "non-organized" christian and non-christian churches alike.  

In wake of this flux, it was so satisfying to read about praying daily and steadfastly rather than thinking that prayer is getting on your knees on Sunday morning or just before you go to sleep.  Prayer is a moment-by-moment, steadfast, daily activity.
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Personally, I think it could be seen as a positive thing that people aren't staying with the churches they grew up in -- at least, when they're changing affiliations or developing an independently spiritual practice, rather than going down the path of atheism or agnosticism.

What it says to me is that they're taking more time to actually think about what they believe and to decide whether their church is meeting their spiritual and moral needs, rather than simply accepting whatever they're told.
That's a very good point and a wonderful way to look at it.