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Dealing With Fear and Uncertainty Through Prayer

As I felt the need to quell a tremendous amount of fear that dropped into my life seemingly from nowhere, I turned to  After speaking with a practitioner and being told some wonderful ideas about Truth and its inability to not be recognized or expressed, I did a basic search on Truth.  Now, as a life-long Christian Scientist, I knew that searching the site for Truth would yield innumerable results.  It was the basic idea, however, that I wanted to begin with.

[Note--perhaps there should be included on the site links that relate to common ideas in Christian Science, sort of a Christian Science for the Christian Scientist section where there are links to ideas relating to the seven synonyms of God, thoughts on Jesus' healings, favored quotes from Science and Health and how people have used them, etc.  And while all of these are addressed generally throughout the site, it would be sort of a fun navigational link adventure.  Just a thought.]

THIS was what came up as the first result from the search.  Entitled "Dealing With Fear and Uncertainty Trough Prayer" with Timothy MacDonald, it gave some wonderful ideas to disarming fear.  It's actually the transcript of a webchat that occurred on September 8th.

One particular idea that I loved:

I also work to understand more deeply that we can only be terrorized
if we feel we've got something we can lose. As long as we think we
exist separate from God, that somehow we've been born into mortality
and we exist as mortals subject to all of the injustices and vagaries
of mortality, then there's always going to be the thought we have
something to lose, whether it's our mortal life, our mortal
possessions, our mortal families, whatever.

And as long as there's a thought that there's something that we could
lose, something that could be taken away from us, we're always going
to be subject to the thought of terror. So as I grow in my
understanding of my real identity as God's child, that I've never left
heaven for earth, that I've never been born into matter, I've never
left my Father-Mother God, then I can also begin to glimpse the truth
that I have nothing that can be taken from me—and the whole thought of
terror begins to dissolve into its nothingness.
-Timothy MacDonald
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