Alison (poetlaureate) wrote in god_is_love,

Being Moved by God

I am overcome with excitement today as I am about to go pick up the keys for my apartment.  This isn't just any old apartment--it's my first apartment that's all my own.  I used to be afraid of living alone.  Now, I'm thoroughly excited in most part due to prayer and the idea that God can never leave me alone.

What seemed to be a horrific moving experience has turned into a blessed one in terms of financial situations, movers, timing, friends, and many other areas.  At first, it seemed so easy to get caught up in all of the obstacles in my way -- what if I have a hard time paying all the utilities by myself?  What if I get scared at night?  What if I can't afford the rent after time?  So many what if's.  They all disappear when I come back to Love and God's ever presence in my life.

I just wanted to share my gratitude.  I'm not sure that I have any specific thoughts that came to me as inspiration, just the overwhelming idea that we are none of us alone.  It was not until I accepted the idea of God's dominion, as it has been described in others' posts, and ever presence that everything began to change from disarray to harmony.  But oh how the change occurred and with such speed!  Rather than being terrified that I will not have enough at the age of 24, I'm wrapped in the security that God is always enough.
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