enlightenmenow (enlightenmenow) wrote in god_is_love,

Wisdom Teeth

Well, I was expecting to have a whole month to work out my thought in terms of my wisdom teeth, but it looks like I have just a couple more hours until my xrays... I've been focusing on not being afraid, and I just talked to my mom's CS teacher and got some good ideas from him. He pointed out that everything in our existence is numbered.. our footsteps, all of us, and indeed, all of our teeth. (he made it sound better... but oh well, it was lost when I tried to recall it). I've also been working with my sunday school teacher who is a non-listed practitioner, and she gave me some good ideas. I think before I go get the xray I'm just going to visit with God for a while, take a look through the lesson, and review all the inspiration I have received. Any and all prayerful support from any and all of you would be very appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


Inspiration and quotes from the text or the bible or other works are always welcome! I could use an inspirational pick me up!
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