Alison (poetlaureate) wrote in god_is_love,

Talking to others about Christian Science

I had specifically not mentioned that I was a Christian Scientist at work for the last year because I was afraid.  I was afraid of people not understanding and judging me based on misinformation and gossip.  I don't necessarily think that this was the correct action, but when someone asked me which church I went to a few weeks ago, I knew that I wasn't going lie.  And so I simply told them.  A 45-minute conversation ensued and my coworkers were shocked to discover that they didn't know something so significant about me.

I do not generally keep Christian Science a secret, but I did so in this work place.  Though it is a subject I have given a great deal of thought over time, I still find myself without all the answers when people want an in-depth but concise description of Christian Science.  Does anyone have any ideas that may help me?  I am not ashamed of Christian Science--but I can see that I need more prayer towards communicating about it with others and perhaps some ideas towards positive communication in the future.
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